P r i v a t e e r     S p o r t     F i s h i n g

Shared WALLEYE Charter

This is not the typical "head boat" experince.

This is a custom charter shared with some new friends...

Shared charter open seats are announced on our Facebook page as they become available.

Below are trips with seats to fill.

Shared WALLEYE Charter Rules:

  • Charter fee is $200 per person for the full-day trip.
  • All fish caught are considered “shared charter group fish” and will be divided equally among all charter clients after fish cleaning services. Should you wish to have fish mounted, you will receive that much less fish after cleaning.

  • The charter group will fish as one group with each person taking turns reeling in fish.

  • Mature 12-year olds and older for shared charter. Why? Young children deserve to be the center of attention of EVERYONE aboard and it is unfair to the kids and others fishing to expect this devotion on a shared trip. Why 12 years old? Although it is a maturity issue, that sounds about right based on my experience as a parent, coach, and older guy with gray hair...

  • Any issues not settled amicably among the shared group will result in an immediate return to the marina and termination of the charter with no refunds regardless of time on the water or number of fish caught. This also voids the no-fish no-pay policy.

  • Typical group size will be 4 clients per shared charter.

  • Call to fish with the Privateer team