P r i v a t e e r     S p o r t     F i s h i n g

The Privateer Team


Captain: Stephen Scott

Captain Scott's passion is chasing Trophy Walleye on Lake Erie and watching the tail-walking antics of steelhead. He really enjoys taking other folks out fishing and teaching them all the aspects of fishing this big lake.

The captain is a bit of a geek too and likes his electronics, as you can see from the electronics listed on the Gear page. The Privateer is arguably the most high-tech outfitted charter fishing boat on Erie. We are also involved in the process of developing the next generation sport fishing gear and electronics under our privately held company Privateer Sports.

Captain Scott is USCG licensed captain, Ohio licensed guide, fully insured, and owner of the Privateer.

Email Stephen if you have any questions.


Captain: Brett Tate

Brett first fished the Privateer late in the 2013 season. I invited him to join me on a "self" fishing day with plans to stock my own freezer with walleye as I had fished all season for clients and had not kept a single fish for myself. Brett was so impressive running gear that I asked him if he would be willing to fill-in first mate when Jonah had to go back to college or needed a day off. It is very evident that Brett has quite a bit of Lake Erie experience and is one of the fastest and most efficient folks I have ever seen running big-water gear on Erie.

2016 update: Brett has been spending quite a bit of time in the offseason fishing in sunny Florida while the rest of the Privateer team is freezing somewhere North of that warm state. Ultimately this will be to the benefit to all of us, as guess where Privateer is looking to expand when the great lakes get too cold for our tastes...

2015 update: Brett has received his USCG Captain license and will captain the Privateer when the owner (Capt. Stephen) needs a day off. (yes, a day "off" from fishing...)

Our philosophy: Its all about Fishin-For-Fun!

We take great pleasure in hosting you aboard our boat for a day of sport fishing on Lake Erie. Erie certainly lives up to its reputation of being the Walleye Capital of the World so expect some fast action hauling in the Central Basin walleye hogs. We frequently boat walleye over 28" long with some exceeding 10 pounds. We also have a great perch fishery just outside the marina that allows us some jumbo perch hauls too. I highly recommend the perch trip for younger kids, and those of any age with little fishing experience or patience as our perch fishing is direct rod-in-hand action while walleye is deep water trolling.

The Privateer calls the Geneva State Park Marina home and runs fishing charters out of this marina for its entire season. We do not have to be a migratory charter, moving from marina to marina, since the fishery off this marina is varied and substantial. Because we stay the entire season at our home marina, we have the time to gain the deep understanding of the central basin fishery each season that enables us to be on fish day-after-day throughout the season.

We want you to feel like one of the family when fishing with us. We will take the time to explain what we are doing and to teach you how to do it too, so if you want, you can run the gear along with us. Or, if you wish, you can sit back and enjoy the ride while we handle the rigging work and you just reel in the big fish.

Our attitude on the Privateer is to be safe, have a good time, and catch fish. If we are not having fun - we are doing something wrong. If we are not catching fish - well, guess they are just not all that hungry...

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