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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I email Privateer or Captain Stephen?

A: Click on Email Privateer or use email address stephen@PrivateerSportFishing.com

Q: Should we schedule our fishing on the first or last part of our vacation?

A: The first part of your vacation is always better. This gives us additional time later in your stay to reschedule in case of bad weather.

Q: Can we bring food and drinks?

A: Yes, in fact, you should bring both! Once we leave the marina, we don't come back until the day is over, so a picnic style lunch and drinks will make the day much more enjoyable. It is best to pack your food and drink in a few small to mid-sized coolers rather than one larger cooler. For food, I like the soft side coolers with frozen gel packs. For drinks, a hard side cooler with ice works best. This combo keeps things cold longer, make it easier for frequent retrievals - like drinks, and is easier to stow on the boat. Please DO NOT bring coolers with wheels. Coolers rolling about on a boat deck is not safe for any of us.

Q: Are fish cleaning services available?

A: Yes, For a fee there is a fish cleaning service at the marina. These folks are so fast that I don't even clean my own fish any longer. They can even hold your fish for pickup on another day.

Q: Can we bring alcohol to drink?

A: Beer in cans is ok, but NO LIQUOR and NO GLASS. Intoxication on any vessel is potentially dangerous and may result in the Captain canceling your charter with no refund. If you are susceptible to seasickness, I recommend not drinking alcohol. Have fun, but keep it under control.

Q: Where can we park?

A: There is plenty of free parking at the Geneva Marina State Park.

Q: How many people may come along and fish?

A: Coast Guard regulations limit us to 6 paying clients on any one trip.

Q: Can we bring along people that do not fish?

A: Yes, but they still count toward the 6 paying clients.

Q: How do I get my fishing license?

A: Because we usually leave the dock very early, frequently even before the Geneva Marina bait shop is even open, we recommend that you purchase your fishing license online the day before your fishing trip. These are directly printable as well as downloadable to your phone from the Ohio's Wildlife Licensing System - follow the License and Permit tab.

Q: What type Ohio fishing license should I get if I am only fishing one day?

A: If you are only fishing one day, then we recommend the One-Day Fishing License ($14.00). You will NOT need the Lake Erie Fishing Permit from May 1 through December 31. Make sure to date and sign license prior to the boat leaving the dock. Details on all Ohio fishing licenses may be found at Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Q: Can children come along?

A: Yes, we encourage you to bring kids that are interested in fishing. The Privateer is actually rigged to make their success much easier with special rod holders. Regardless of age, they should be able to follow directions and behave in a reasonable manner. A child not interested in fishing will make a long day for everyone as this is a dedicated fishing boat with the only entertainment, other than fishing, being the radio and the quick wit of the Captain and crew.

Q: What if the charter is canceled due to weather?

A: We typically only cancel due to dangerous weather (some of the best fishing is in the rain) and this decision is made by the Captain. If we have to cancel prior to leaving the dock, you will have the option of rebooking or having your deposit refunded in full. We will not take you out in unsafe conditions and will discuss lake conditions that may make the day uncomfortable (high waves).

Q: When will you know if the charter has to be canceled due to weather?

A: Many times we have advance weather reports that will allow us to cancel a day or more in advance. We will try to discuss weather concerns with you in advance of your arrival at the marina. Occasionally morning weather conditions may require us to delay departure to wait for a lightning storm to pass and even more infrequent, weather pops up that requires a last minute cancelation. We will not take you out in unsafe conditions and will discuss lake conditions that may make the day uncomfortable (high waves).

Q: Do you do special package deals that include lodging and fishing?

A: We do not offer special packages as everyone wants to do something slightly different which makes "packaging" too difficult.

Q: I am concerned that I may get seasick?

A: Seasickness is nothing to be embarrassed about, it can happen to anyone on any given day (including the captain and crew). Don't let seasickness spoil your trip and the trip for others onboard. If you are unsure how you will react to lake motion, please start a seasickness remedy prior to boarding the vessel. There are a number of remedies including bands, pills, and patches.

Note that remedies will give varying results for different folks. Personally, I use the Transderm Scop patch when I am paying for an open water charter. I discovered this solution worked best for me back in the late 80's when I was navigator for an offroad race team. Believe me, I had tried everything back then as motion sickness in a full face mask helmet at 100mph is not a fun thing at all! My brother swears by dramamine pills and even uses them when he scuba dives.

Consuming alcohol increases the tendency for seasickness and that includes too much alcohol the night before your charter. You lessen the chances of seasickness if you are well rested and well hydrated (water or sports drinks are best).

Motion when boating is the same as I found it in offroad racing, the more I am exposed to the motion - the less it affects me. Perhaps this means you should just fish more often on the Privateer!

Q: If one of our party wants to return to the Marina prior to the end of the fishing day, can we drop them off and go back out fishing?

A: Generally no, as the most significant expense of your fishing day is the fuel spent to get out to the fishing grounds and return. Thus it greatly increases the day's costs if we have to do an additional round trip in-and-back-out, not to mention the time lost pulling-in and resetting gear. However, if you are willing to pay the additional cost, it is something you may discuss with the Captain.

Q: Am I responsible to pay for lost or damaged fishing gear and equipment?

A: Depends. Terminal tackle such as lures, hooks, divers, etc., are considered somewhat consumable and are occasionally lost due to a fish break off. Therefore you are not responsible for those occurrences. However equipment such as rods, reels, nets, binoculars, electronics, etc., are not consumable and are very rarely lost or damaged. Therefore, depending on circumstances surrounding the event and the cost of the item, you may be required to replace it.

Q: I caught a Fish Ohio on my Privateer charter. How do I register for the Fish Ohio recognition program?

A: ODNR Fish Ohio recognition program.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the fishing log used on the Privateer?

A: Click on the Fishing Log.

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