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Win fishing with the Privateer team

Jamestown Lions

Jamestown Lion's Club
Annual Boat Raffle
July 2020

  • Privateer has again donated a full day - walleye - charter to the Jamestown Lions Club of Jamestown, PA, for their 2020 boat raffle. This is for a full day charter party of 4.

  • The Privateer charter is 2nd prize and a fully rigged boat is 1st prize. Important note: if you happen to unfortunately win the boat and want the charter, I will be more than happy to exchange a charter (even trade) for the boat. I can always find room in my life for another boat.

    Look for the Privateer Charter banner and the boat at ticket sales locations. You can pickup tickets at the Lions booth at the Allegheny Show in Monroeville, PA, as well as many other local area sports and outdoor events - just look for the guys in the bright yellow vests. They frequently sell tickets on weekends at the Linesville, PA spillway on Pymatuning lake (Pennsylvania side) (Ohio side) - where the ducks walk on the fish. I have enjoyed visiting the spillway since I was a kid - it is located on the PA side of the OH-PA border about 40-miles (less than 1-hour drive) south-east from our location in Geneva State Park. Tickets are also available online here.

    Please support this organization as they do a lot of good work for the people in Jamestown and the surrounding area as well as Nationally and Internationally through the respective Lions organizations.

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