P r i v a t e e r     S p o r t     F i s h i n g

Baha Cruisers - 299 Sport Fisherman

100% Lake Erie fishing machine!


Vessel outfitted for Trophy Walleye trolling in Lake Erie Central Basin

Look at all the rod holders and the 9-foot mast on the bow for pulling the massive planer boards.

Twin 5.7L engines produce over 500hp and get us to the fish fast!

That 4G radar on the hardtop allows us to keep an eye on the walleye fleet while we run to the fish in the early dawn hours.


How big is a Baha 299 Fisherman?

30' long, 10' 6" wide and almost 10,000 lbs - before adding fuel, gear, and people.

That is the Privateer sitting behind a Chevy 2500 crew cab truck. A big truck - and an even bigger boat!

The size of the Privateer and the deep V of the hull is what gives us a dry and stable ride when the lake decides to kick up a little.

That is a 9' tall mast on the bow with 550 pound spectra line to run our big triple planer boards


Wider is better!

A wider boat beam that is. . .

The 10'6" beam on the Privateer gives you more room to handle fish when the fishing gets hot!

Makes for a more comfortable ride by reducing lake motion in the boat.

There is plenty of room onboard a boat this size for everyone to get comfortable and enjoy the day on the lake.


State-of-the-art marine electronics!

Dual SIMRAD NSE-12 displays give full-screen views of navigation and fishing electronics from anywhere on the fishing deck. This fully integrated system includes: high-speed sonar (fish finder), structure-scan sonar, GPS, 4G radar, autopilot, VHF radio, AIS marine traffic, SIRIUS satellite marine weather and radio.

Fish Hawk X4 - for surface speed, down speed, and temperature for both too. Why do we care about "down" information - well, that is where the fish are.


How big are your boards?

That little guy is standing next to the big triple boards that we use in our planer board system. Notice that he is reaching up with his right hand to the top of the boards and is holding an inline offshore board in his left hand for comparison.

Now you can see why we run 550 pound spectra line to our boards.

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